To market, to market....

People keep telling me that my decision to partner with Krista and then soon afterwards, resign from a job that I enjoyed, with colleagues I really consider friends, was brave. In the first few weeks of working out of my spare bedroom, with a desk in the corner and a beautiful plant (a gift from those work friends) perched beside me, I surprised myself by feeling a little lost and wondering if I had made the right choice. Now, months later with a full product range ready to sell, those feelings of doubt have vanished.

This past Sunday was our very first market day. As a frequenter of markets as a customer, I was clueless about just how much effort goes on behind the scenes to put a product on a trestle table ready to sell. I knew even less about how much anxiousness a stall holder feels about whether that product will be liked, never mind sold. Now I know better.

I felt well organised setting off for the day. I had my gorgeous family and friends helping me out as Krista won’t be here for a few more weeks, and I was excited for the day. On just the second trip in from the car, loaded up with a giant plastic tub, my faithful old Birkenstock (chosen for comfort not style) failed me as I tripped down an uneven part of the footpath and I fell over! Now falling as an adult is quite a shock, never mind embarrassing. I hope I didn’t cry out on my way down, but I can’t be sure that I didn’t mimic a crow. The instant swelling makes me think I sprained my ankle – yay.

Community is a wonderful thing. Good people came running to help. Thank you, kind strangers. Before long I was back on my feet (kind of) and with the grit and determination you try and teach your kids, I was doing this market. Brave? Probably.

It turns out, after a trip to ED yesterday, it seems I broke my leg! What is it people say to wish you luck?

Anyway, my point is, besides the ‘nasty fall’ we had a really great day. I met lots of lovely people, received fabulous feedback and even made some sales – woohoo.

I suppose you do have to be brave to make radical change, but I feel that facing life’s challenges is what makes it worth living. Doing it with the support of family and friends and even kind strangers, makes it worthwhile.

Katey x

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