About Us

About Us

We are Australian born cousins who have turned our shared love of art, travel, and design into a business. Bringing together the brilliant light, crisp designs, stunning coastlines, and ubiquitous eucalyptus trees that characterise both Australia and Portugal, we have created a range of fresh new products for beach, street, and home.

We work hard to ensure that the people who make our products are small companies like ours. Whether they are a group of art school friends who have combined their talents to start a business, or a company that aims to provide living and dignified wages and training to its workers, Maglen Designs is focused on the camaraderie of small enterprise, ethical sourcing, and on mutual support.

This collection recognises our Australian roots and blends them with the influences gained from our lives and families. We are proud of the quality of our ethically made products, the integrity of the design and production, and our goal of bringing affordable beautiful things to your home and life. It's what inspires us and makes us happy.

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